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Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico


                   The famous Puerto Escondido. Truly a dreamland. When I started surfing I remember watching surf videos made by No Friends and Scotty Carter before making my trek down to the beach, or even before I went to sleep at night. On most nights I was living the same relentless illusive dream of riding long giant walls of perfect offshore tubes followed by the biggest ramps of my life. I always told myself,  "Some how, some way, one day, I am going to be there." Since at the time Youtube and Vimeo never existed, I would read surf/bodyboard magazines or talk to people who had already adventured there. While gathering as much information as I could, I remember one guy in particular who inspired me most. One of the founders of No Friends, Ross Mcbride! 

                    No Friends, Filmed by Brian "Stoker" Stokes, has created some of the most influential bodyboarding videos of all time. Started by Ross Mcbride, Jeff Hubbard, Spencer Skipper, Paul Roach, and Nelz Vellocido, featuring Ben Player, Mitch Rawlins, Andrew Lester, Mike Stewart, Andrew Botha, and many more. These guys have proved to the world how insane professional bodyboarding really is. 

                  Anyway, Ross was running the No Friends warehouse only a couple miles away from my house. When I was a 14 year old grom I was always scrapping rides to the beach or to snag some surf gear. While I was chatting with Ross I would ask him nonsense any grom would ask. But I'll never forget asking him, "Where should I go for my first surf trip?" He immediately laughed and said, "Puerto!" I never understood why he laughed until I landed there for my first time in 2012. The easiest word to explain it is, "HUMBLING"

                   A few buddies of mine, Mike Bain, Cody Cook, Collin Goddard and myself all knew that if we wanted to catch the waves of our lives, Puerto is the place to be. Ever since I have been back every year since to push the limits.