Need a Photographer or a Videographer? I am always interested in helping others document their own priceless moments we all appreciate and love. Weddings, Business Card and School Portraits, Family Portraits, Fashion, Action Sports, Animals, Video Scrolls, Landscapes, Marketing and Advertisement. 

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             California is where it all began. Where I grew up learning to surf, skate, snowboard and bodyboard. In 2011 a good friend of mine encouraged me to buy a camera to help document my travels and my surfing. My main goal was to record a cool video of myself surfing/bodyboarding, attach a resume, and send it to every company hoping and praying that I would get a reply back offering me some type of sponsorship. (photo of me bodyboarding in San Diego, California 2009 to the right). I wanted to be on the Pro Tour! Anyways I did some research and I became interested in Sony.

           So meanwhile, pursuing my epic surfing career, I would constantly study videos of myself surfing. I could see exactly what I was doing wrong and compare myself to the pros that I looked up to. Quickly I realized that I could progress more in one day than I normally would in a couple months. It was unreal and I was always stoked to get home to see what my friends and I had captured. Not long after I became interested in shooting more and surfing less. Still able to enjoy and experience the surf, just from a different perspective. 

             In 2013, while doing some research on Google and Youtube of course, I began to study photography and videography. I got out of auto mode and learned the ins and outs of my camera. It is absolutely necessary to know what a camera is capable of outside of the normal point, shoot, and then hope for the best. 

             Surf Photography to most, is a hobby due to such a flooded market and an overload of photographers. These days its so easy to go buy a camera with phenomenal quality for a great price. However to be a great surf photographer one must have knowledge of the ocean just as a surfer does. Training and staying healthy is also an absolute necessity.

           Although my focus is Surf Photography, My goal has always been to be well rounded with all the different types of photography. To produce photos that truly stand out from the rest, creating my own style. 

           Since 2013 I have worked with Broadway San Diego, Modern Luxury Magazine, US Bank, Flexy Fit Wear, RipTide Magazine, BBR Magazine, Surfline Forecast, Science Bodyboards, The Inertia, Stacking Clips, Monster Energy, Billabong, and The International Surfing Association.