Professional Surf Photographer Sean Evans was born 1988 in San Diego, California. Where he grew up learning to surf, skate, and snowboard. In 2011 a good friend encouraged him to buy a camera to help document his travels and surfing. It became the perfect learning tool to hone in his skills to progress his surfing to the next level. 

            Not long after Sean (pictured to the right) found himself shooting more and surfing less. There is nothing like riding a wave. But capturing priceless moments swimming in the open ocean became his passion. 

           Since 2013 he has worked with Broadway San Diego, Modern Luxury Magazine, Flexy Fit Wear, RipTide Magazine, BBR Magazine, Vans Surf, Vissla, Stance, LifeRollsOn, Adaptive Surf Mag, Surfline Forecast, Science Bodyboards, Catch Surf, Chemistry Surfboards, Sector 9, Sanuk Footwear, The Challenged Athletes Foundation, USA Surfing, The Inertia, Stacking Clips, Monster Energy, Billabong, and The International Surfing Association.

            For all inquiries please CONTACT SEAN HERE