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Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico


‚Äč              Perfection? Puerto may look perfect from all the videos and photos you have seen on your computer screen safely from home. But this place is pure madness. It depends on the swell angle and how long the periods are, but generally the waves are completely closed out across the entire beach. Sometimes waiting over an hour for a decent shaped wave with a nice shoulder to take off on. 

              The scariest part for me is the paddle out. Getting to the lineup is a huge battle in itself. Most never making it out to the line up to catch a wave. Perfection? More like perfect timing! I once saw a guy break 3 boards in one hour just from trying to paddle out. Getting absolutely denied every time, and never catching one wave that day. 

              If that doesn't sound intense enough, add a crowd to the whole mix when it's big and it becomes sheer chaos. The take off zone is small and the pecking order becomes non existent. It's an absolute free for all. (Unless your Greg Long of course haha) 

             The season for surf is during the wet season. Heavy rains and offshore winds make this place what it is. But if it rains too much the water is disgustingly gross from the run off. Sometimes bringing with it giant palm trees and coconuts to the line up. If one of those things nails you, its game over.

   Welcome to Puerto!