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Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico


                Wake up, hit the lights, start the coffee, turn on the tunes, and get hyped to be the first in the water. Catch as many as you can before the morning crowd. Come in snag an amazing breakfast, maybe even some more coffee. Couple games of pong, maybe a coconut and back to the surf. Take a nap once it gets too hot to do anything, then repeat for the sunset session. 

               This is pretty much the daily routine. Especially for Mad Man Mike Bain. Who would set his alarm at 5am, hit sleep every 5 minutes and wake us all up even if he wasn't ready to step out of bed yet. This guy would be the last one awake and the first one in the water. Charging no matter how big it was or how small it was, he made it happen. Bodyboarding when it's big and stand up surfing in the more favorable conditions. Either way it's all about having fun and getting tubed along the way.


                I met Mike at one of my local breaks back home in Cali. Ever since he has pushed my limits like no other, has inspired me to travel and go big! Without him I don't think I would have fulfilled my dream of traveling to Puerto every year. Always keeping the stoke alive and has dedicated everything to wave riding. Thanks again Mate! The sport needs more like you.