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Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico


                Shooting water shots has given me some of my most thrilling experiences in the ocean. Always floating in the danger zone with surfers and bodyboarders flying towards me is as exhilarating as it gets. There's nothing like capturing moments like these for your boys! 

               If there is one guy I love to shoot, it's Collin Goddard. "Always seems to be in the spot to get the shot!" I tell him. The definition of a wave magnet. Maybe its because he's the healthiest and fittest guy I know. Being a lifeguard/waterman/martial-artist might be a few reasons. Or maybe its because he's just here to have fun and enjoy the moment. Simply here for the passion. Either way we always seem to link up and get the shot. 

             I have had some of the most memorable sessions with Mike and Collin that I will never forget. It's always priceless having perfection to ourselves. Just me and my mates with no one else around. See you next year!