Sean Evans

Sean Evans, founder and CEO of WaterWorkMedia. Sean picked up his first camera in 2011. He began using it as a training tool to document himself and a few buddies while on surf adventures. By 2014 he found himself shooting more and surfing less…. a lot less.

In 2015 he landed one of the biggest gigs yet. The lead photographer for the International Surfing Association. This brought him further around the world, introducing more and more cultures.

The International Surfing Association has been like a family to me. We are all exceptionally passionate about surfing. When we all come together it’s priceless to see. Hard work always pays off and I couldn’t be more thankful to have this unbelievable opportunity.
— Sean Evans

In between the crazy surf adventures Sean is always behind the lens looking to shoot everything including weddings, portraits, lifestyle, animals, cars, etc. Drones, water cameras, zoom lenses, editing software, you name it, he’s got it. Any type of content you need he can produce.


Surfline, Surfer Mag, Billabong, Free Surf Mag, Monster Energy, Redbull, SonyAlpha, Catch Surf, Science Bodyboards, Viper Surfing Fins, Gyroll Wetsuits, USA Surfing, Challenged Athletes Foundation, ISA, Broadway San Diego, Pet Kingdom, Del Mar Photo Exhibit.


  • Drone Pilot of DJI Phantom 4 & DJI Mavic Air (Video Here)

  • Water Photographer (Picture to Right) with Sony A7RIII

  • Expert Final Cut X Pro Video Editor & Color Corrector

  • Expert Lightroom/Photoshop Editor & Color Corrector

  • Same Day Editing (Biggest Benefit for any Client) (Video Here) Filmed and Edited the same day


As far as free time goes, you’ll find Sean enjoying his time with his wife Tamara and dog Marley. They’re always up to some type of adventure and do a little of their own traveling. Sean sometimes turns things into his own little surf mission but she doesn’t mind.

We just appreciate and enjoy our time together wherever we are, doing whatever we’re doing.
— Tamara Lezana Evans
Photo of me doing what I love to do daily. (Red Aquatech Housing and Blue Gaft Helmet) Photo:Ricky Lesser

Photo of me doing what I love to do daily. (Red Aquatech Housing and Blue Gaft Helmet) Photo:Ricky Lesser